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I remember listening to Beatles when I was 9 or 10 years old, maybe younger.
There was this 2-album collection, the vynil was all red, so different from the traditional black ones.
I remember memorizing all those lyrics and imagining myself playing in the school auditorium.
Couple of years later, I watched on the television a big rock festival, called Rock in Rio, and it blew my mind completely. I learned to play acoustic guitar badly and grew up.
And 15 years and 300 cd's later I still daydream about that auditorium.

Some new stuff that i have been listening to. maybe it’s not new for you, but since Einstein nothing really seems to be quite young or old.

this perfect day
mike johnson
jeff buckley

my classic bands and 
some stuff about them.


my humble contribution to pop music theory, shame on me.

“listen up/ whats the stuff/ say today
i’m gonna speak my mind” oasis.


"I have seen moments i'd like to share"
(I see the door, The Verve)