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I am posting some quotes from Douglas Coupland's Polaroids from the Dead.
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Okay, all this stuff is copyrighted.

"We all have a "you" in our life...someone out there who was to have spent the day with us, but who then went away for some reason. That special "you" is not here now. Nor is the sun inside the green bottles of the graveyard wall, nor is the sun reflecting on the angelfish, now fluttering inside black waters."
"And here's something we're all noticed. During power failures we sing songs, but when the electricity returns, we atomize (...) When I meet people, I imagine them in a world of darkness. The only lights that count are the sun, candles, the fireplace and the light inside of you, and if I seem strange to you at times, its just because I'm switching off the power, trying to help us both, trying to see you and me as the people we really are."

"Our capacity for amnesia is terrifying."


These two are from the book called "Shampoo Planet"
"I think of myself being global. I see myself participating in global activities: sitting in jets, talking to machines, eating small geometric foods, and rottling after the phone. I like these ideas. I know there are millions of people like me in the basements and fashion plazas and school and street corners and cafes everywhere, all of us thinking alike, and all of us sending each other messages of solidarity, and love as we stand in our quiet moments, out in the wind."
"Being one-dimensional is the most satisfying method of coping with out-of-neutral people, with any situation that's out of control. Keep your face like a computer screen-saver software program. Don't let the people know the ideas you love, the games you've played, the places you've visited in your mind. Keep your treasure to yourself."


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