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"Take me away, just for today,
cause I'm sad here on my own"
Take me away, Oasis.

Its gonna be a glorious day, my friend. Here are some places to feel safe, pround and, gee, happy....kind of. I still think that the best way is to search the web by yourself and find out your own stuff. But, I promise, Link-o-rama will not disapoint you at all.
So, step into my world. And e-mail me with some worthy places to check out, will ya?
One of the best desingned sites about a band that I have ever seen. Creative, and related to the Radiohead-o-art. Check it out if you want the recent news, videos, real audio songs (unrealeased ones too), timekiller games.  I recommend the song interpretation part, which mixes funny and serious well developed conclusions about Thom Yorks hymns.
Are we living in a digital era? Oh, yes, i guess we are. Anyway, before you try to buy all the things that will update your status, try to understand it. Shift is a canadian magazine, very open-minded to a techy future, without sounding so, lets say, self absorved. If you already heard about all this stuff, you're gonna like Shift.
"I wanna free fall out into nothing,
I wanna leave this world for a while".
(free fallin', tom petty)
I don't know where webart is going to lead us. But is looking good so far. This site is recommended for those who always seek for literal meaning in everything. Its an art gallery, as wierd or confusing as you might think it is. But you're thinking, aren't you?
Douglas Coupland
One of my favorite authors. Douglas Coupland wrote Generation X, Portraits of the Dead, Microserfs and Girlfriend in a Coma. How cool can be a guy who names a book with a song from The Smiths. I guess you should read one of the books before taking a look at the site to get the whole idea. But, anyway, it is very well constructed, easy browsing-through and, delightful.
This is kinda obvious. Because by now everybody has at least a hint about MP3s and all that jazz. I wouldnt recommend it to search for music for those really interested in unrealeased and bootleg stuff (check out the links at BandLand.) But, this is the best place to download the softwares and some nice win amp skins. And also learn all about this new music revolution (I guess).
Star Wars
The fairy tale written beyond  our bright blue sky. Good and evil where they still can survive. There will be no other setting sun like Tatooine's. Lots of information, interviews, characters, merchandise (buy your memories, dude) and the sneak preview for the coming-up Episode-I, The Phantom of Menace. 
May the force rock your day. 

I don't want to take advice from fools
I just figured everything is cool
Until I hear it from you
(Gin Blossoms)